Meet Robina

Initiated Elemental Shaman

Guide to connecting with the Higher Self

Former corporate sales executive and engineer

About me

I’ve lived a life of experience. From a degree in electrical engineering, experiencing the world of international modelling, and finally my corporate sales career in Fortune 500 organisations, there is little I haven’t done. But life isn’t about ‘doing’, it is about ‘being’.

My spiritual practice was scattered and inconsistent throughout the years. It was usually something I turned to when I needed to cope with the many challenges of a life with no pause button. Despite that, my soul propelled me into intermittent practicing of Kundalini meditation, Reiki, and other healing modalities.

This all changed when I had a profound awakening experience which propelled me on an inner journey. I tapped into my ultimate purpose: to guide others to clear negative belief systems and align to their soul’s plan.

As an initiated Elemental Shaman by world renowned clear conduit channel, Pamela Aaralyn, my awakened gifts include guiding you to connect with your Higher Self, as this is the key to understanding your true purpose in this time-space reality. It’s time to live each day in compassionate observance of our life, and realize that we are continuously cocreating at each moment of the day.

Connect to your Higher Self 24/7

Beginning or deepening your spiritual practice and inner journey can be daunting. When I began my journey, having a coach was an important part of the process. Sometimes you just don’t know where to start! That’s why I created the free eBook, The Power Guides, The 7 steps to total self acceptance and discovering your life’s purpose.

Each of the 7 chapters corresponds to each Chakra and the practices I suggest begin to dissolve blockages and in turn prepare you to go even deeper into your journey. I have personally used all of the practices and developed many of them while I was going through my own awakening process. You will learn which music and mantras to use, and how energy and vibration play a vital role in the day to day. From working in your dream state, to realising that emotions are your guidance system, consider this as a reference guide to clear the vessel ( body) and gently step into a different perspective.

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