Meet Robina

Former Corporate Sales Exec & Engineer

Kriya & Kundalini Yoga teacher & Elemental Shaman 

Former International Model

Trained by US Vice President Al Gore for Climate Project


Radio Host

Robina’s Road to Self-Realization

Through Robina’s life experiences, she has created A unique method with teachings and techniques that connect individuals to their highest, most true selves. Passionate to learn and experience, she has already lived a full life in many ways.

Her life experience has taken her through an award-winning sales career working in Fortune 500 companies. After graduating with a degree in Electrical Engineering, she traveled extensively and was a sales executive for Microsoft and other organizations. As a strategic advisor to her clients, she provided solutions in the area of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and advanced analytics.

She is trained by former U.S. Vice President and Nobel Laureate Al Gore for The Climate Reality Project, an organization he founded to educate and affect the world on the climate crisis. Passionate about being service, she has volunteered for the past 10 years as hospice and is trained in assisting patients at the end of life. Robina worked as a model for a top international agency, Next Model Management in Brazil and Europe. She has lived all over the world, immersed in cultures and learning about people from every social and economic class.

In her travels, she spent time with indigenous tribes in South America and Asia, exposing her to entirely unique cultures, beliefs, and approaches to life. This furthered her transformation, introducing her to new perspectives and practices, including the ability to delve beyond the mind using ancient ascetic yogic practices. She is an initiated Elemental Shaman and initiated into Kriya yoga. She is currently completing teacher training in Kundalini yoga.

Robina has lived a life of experience. She has started and restarted where needed, following her path through life’s many turns. Each time she has developed, learned, and found her best way forward, all by looking within herself and with a dedication to a daily disciplined spiritual practice.

Practical Spirituality for Everyone

Beginning or deepening your spiritual practice and inner journey can be daunting. When I began my journey, having a coach was an important part of the process. Sometimes you just don’t know where to start! That’s why I created the free eBook, The Power Guides, The 7 steps to total self acceptance and discovering your life’s purpose.

Each of the 7 chapters corresponds to each Chakra and the practices I suggest begin to dissolve blockages and in turn prepare you to go even deeper into your journey. I have personally used all of the practices and developed many of them while I was going through my own awakening process. You will learn which music and mantras to use, and how energy and vibration play a vital role in the day to day. From working in your dream state, to realising that emotions are your guidance system, consider this as a reference guide to clear the vessel ( body) and gently step into a different perspective.

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