Mastering The Inner World TM
by Robina

A New Dimension to Creating
High-Performance teams & individuals

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I am an electrical engineer, a former corporate sales executive for Fortune 500 organizations, and a master of meditation & yogic science. I am a bridge between the worlds of business and spirituality and created The Mastering the Inner World™ program to help individuals and teams strip fear of its power, and remove limitations that stand in the way of success, authentic connection and purpose.


Being a long time student and seeker of the truths of life and existence, I’ve come across many wonderful teachers, many of whom I would consider masters. In my experience the great ones not only use words but have almost an energy that you can’t quite put your finger on, sometimes you can’t understand intellectually but your soul does. Robina is one of those gifted teachers who is able to tap into that etheric realm. Those teachers are few and far between and so needed on the planet right now.

Belinda Carlisle

Grammy Nominated Singer, Musician, Author

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Robina’s gift is her wisdom and ability to listen, connect with, and understand anyone she meets. Her empathic nature makes you feel at complete ease, and most importantly I have full trust in her.

Daniel Lamarre

CEO & President Cirque du Soleil and Recipient of The Order of Canada

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Business success and personal happiness have authentic relationships as their mutual foundation – the human connection is even more vital for everyone in today’s uncertain world. Robina lives and exemplifies these principles and values. Her life mission to guide leaders and individuals in organizations to create high-performance teams through authentic connection resonates with me. I recommend her programs to organizations wanting to build transparency, trust and openness within their teams based on compassionate connections. As I often say ‘happiness really does point the way to success in life and business.’

W. Brett Wilson

Panelist on Gemini award winning show Dragon’s Den, Chairman of Prairie Merchant Corporation

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One rarely meets someone like Robina. She has an amazing gift to deeply empathize with a persons true purpose whether it is a life goal, a personal aspiration or a business challenge. Robina listens and custom designs her responses based on your specific needs. I have sought out her guidance at numerous occasions and have always felt more centered, focused and engaged with my purpose after listening to her.

Faran Tahir

Emmy nominated Actor

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LEADERSHIP & team programs

Mastering The Inner World : A Four-Part program allows teams and individuals to realize their potential from the soul-level. Journey behind the layers of the mind, beliefs, thoughts, feelings, desires and actions. Know your True Self.

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individual coaching

Deepen your journey to knowing your Self by individual 1×1 coaching; Clear disempowering beliefs/emotions & become free of karmic memory within each cell of your body. Learn how to access higher dimensional perspectives.

LIVE Meditation (paused)

Join me every Friday from 8:30-9:00am Eastern Daylight Time for meditation using Kriya, Kundalini Pranayam (breath) via Zoom conferencing. The meditation sessions are by donation and open to all at any level of your spiritual journey.



Mastering the Inner World™ Methodology

As we emerge into a brave new world permanently reordered by the pandemic, teams are still adapting to a hybrid work model and leaders are turning to popular business frameworks to strengthen how their dispersed team members work together. But there is a gap common to most business and team-building frameworks. They focus on improving team performance while giving little attention to the inner wellbeing of the individual team members.

The Mastering the Inner world™ methodology consists of programs, custom sessions and coaching that enhance and amplify the effectiveness of leadership frameworks by introducing a new self-awareness dimension. This provides the leadership development frameworks with a much bigger and more sustained impact within your teams. The interactive sessions focus on a few key team development priorities at a time. I share practical frameworks that target each development need that are enhanced with a unique self-awareness


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