Intuitive Leadership

I combined my spiritual and corporate sales backgrounds, to create a four-part series for individuals and teams, to succeed from the inside out.

Mastering The Inner World: A Four Part Series

Creating Individual & Team Effectiveness from the Soul-Level

The Mastering the Inner World™ series was developed to provide individuals and teams a practical and intuitive way to achieve greater purpose, productivity and authentic connection with others.

Rather than focusing on practices that only temporarily clear or mask worries and anxiety, the mission of this Four-Part interactive learning series is to guide the participant towards a lasting method for living free from negative beliefs and emotions.

With uncertainty disrupting our lives, we are all confronted with the global changes that make us question who we are, where we are going, and what our lives are ultimately about. Cultivating authentic relationships with our customers, colleagues and family is now more challenging, or in some cases non-existent, in a virtual world. Fears for our family, friends and ourselves that we once disregarded, are rising to the surface. Anxiety, panic and loneliness follow us from the waking hours to sleeping at night.

No matter how outwardly successful we are, there are always thoughts and desires that keep us living in a future that hasn’t happened yet, or stuck in a past that no longer exists, and distracts us from really living in the Now. We live with the burden of unresolved attachments to people and experiences, which only further clouds our inner guidance.

Each module is composed of a trusted set of principles, techniques and practices designed for the business world and inspired by Eastern wisdom and, when adopted into your daily routine, the participant begins to shift towards a life of purpose and presence, governed by their inner guidance. Knowing yourself on a deeper soul-level is the new way of succeeding and thriving.

In this season of pandemic, there is no better time to find your purpose, to boost your productivity, and build strong connections with others.



  • Create an aligned team culture to set individual team members up for personal success
  • Discover unconscious negative beliefs and how they create all external experiences
  • Maximize team and organizational performance
  • Clear internal and external communication
  • Increased productivity / sales


Contact Robina directly to learn more about how she has sparked success in individuals and organizations. As her teaching focuses on the needs of the higher self, so too does she focus on the specific needs of your organization and team. Robina will learn more about your goals, team, and organization to offer a tailored service that maximizes performance.