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What Some Of The World's Leading Figures Are Saying About Robina

Being a long time student and seeker of the truths of life and existence, I've come across many wonderful teachers, many of whom I would consider masters. In my experience the great ones not only use words but have almost an energy that you can't quite put your finger on, sometimes you can't understand intellectually but your soul does. Robina is one of those gifted teachers who is able to tap into that etheric realm. Those teachers are few and far between and so needed on the planet right now.
One rarely meets someone like Robina. She has an amazing gift to deeply empathize with a person's true purpose whether it is a life goal, a personal aspiration or a business challenge. Robina listens and custom designs her responses based on your specific needs. I have sought out her guidance at numerous occasions and have always felt more centered, focused and engaged with my purpose after listening to her.
Robina's gift is her wisdom and ability to listen, connect with, and understand anyone she meets. Her empathic nature makes you feel at complete ease, and most importantly I have full trust in her.
Robina has a heart of gold and expresses it in so many ways, from voice to written word. She instills warm comfort and expresses deep compassion.
Brett Wilson
Panelist Gemini Award Winning Show Dragon's Den

How 1x1 Coaching With Robina Has Transformed Lives

"The Change in me was dramatic"

Somehow the Universe put her in my life. Robina has a gift of teaching / guiding. The change in me was dramatic after meeting with her a few times. It felt effortless. Robina taught me how to help myself; how to let go; how to heal, how to ground myself, and how to tranfsorm by operating from the heart. That was the first session!
Michigan, U.S.A

"I've learned to shift negative patterns"

If you’ve experienced personal struggles like myself, I highly recommend Robina. She has a special gift in guiding others to achieve their full potential. Through my personal experience with her, I’ve learned ways to shift negative patterns of thinking through meditation and breathing techniques. She opened my eyes to see that my current struggles stemmed from unresolved past traumas that I was holding on to which served me no good purpose. Learning her principles of healing from the soul level helped me clear and dissolve a lot of this old baggage that caused blockages. These simple practices made all the difference in my journey to finding self-love and true happiness. I’m confident that Robina will help you find your happiness like she did for me.Aloha from Hawai’i
Hawai'i, U.S.A

"Lighten your consciousness to new realms"

Robina is a breath of fresh air. I have worked with a Shaman before and it was a dark experience, this is full of light. You can feel Robina holding the light space and working with you to lighten your consciousness into new realms. I am happy to have had this experience filled with light and love.
Arkansas, U.S.A

About Robina

DASH Radio Host

Host of The Journeying with RObina Show on L.A.- Based dash radio's #1 south asian station in the world, Rukus avenue radio. The station has 3.7 Million UNIQUE listeners per month and robina's show is the top 5 most listened to.

Pranayam Yogic Master

Initiated into kriya and kundalini pranayama, yoga, meditation. She teaches meditation twice a week via zoom. Robina is Initiated into elemental shamanism and uses the technique of soul-calling to clear negative belief patterns.

Intuitive Coach

One on one private coach for teams and individuals, guiding them to release negative belief patterns and learning to tap into the wisdom of their inner guidance: the innate 'knowing'.

Climate Embassador

Trained by former U.S. vice president and nobel laureate al gore to spread awareness of global climate crisis and affect change across the planet.

Robina's Journey Of Awakening To Her Soul's Purpose

Before Robina Dhindsa became recognized as a leading intuitive personal life coach, before becoming a Pranayam yogi, before becoming a top host on LA-based Dash Radio— before becoming  a highly sought-out trainer/coach for major Sales organizations (after after own successful Fortune500 Sales career), Robina has always been a spiritual seeker, highly intuitive and attuned into the spiritual world.

At the age of five Robina began seeing and sensing the spirit world, and naturally for a child it felt like a terrifying gift, which she was thoroughly unequipped to understand or wield. So she tried to suppress her innate abilities for most of her life, despite exposure to rich East Indian spiritual philosophies from early on in her life. Perhaps to try to overcome the persistent feeling that she never quite belonged in this physical world, she would choose paths that she thought would make her find and feel that belonging through what others would consider a life of material-world success. First proving her intellect by graduating as an Electrical Engineer, showing others her grace and style (and hard work) as an international model in Europe and South America, and finally demonstrating her savvy ability to succeed in a tough corporate Sales environment and drive sales revenues. Robina by that point appeared to have enjoyed an enviable life and to now ‘have it all’.

But underneath the outward appearance of great success, an adventurous and dramatic life, and worldly achievement Robina was still locked in a constant pitched battle inside herself to remain in this world, which was triggered by major life trauma and deep pain she suffered and that felt to her like it originated not just from her current life but carried-through from past lifetimes too.

But it was early January in her 40th year when she had the epiphany that would change the entire trajectory of her life. During the culmination of several catalytic events, instead of crumbling in defeat, Robina had a profound Awakening experience in which she felt her soul lift out of her body. She couldn’t understand what was happening, and over the next several weeks she began to gain a deeply intimate personal knowledge of several key universal principles. A gateway was now open to Robina to access divine information. She knew that she was at the threshold of changing her life and that she could discover her life purpose by going even deeper within herself.

This single pursuit became her life obsession: self-discovery that could then help others master their own lives.

As Robina began to unravel her soul’s plan through deep meditation and inner discovery, she developed practices and experienced revelations that would dramatically shift her thought patterns and her whole life orientation by clearing deep negative beliefs. She delved ever deeper into her inner world over the following years and began connecting with her Higher Self and her Spirit Guides. It was soon time to turn what she had learned to help herself, to now help the lives of her clients. She was initiated into ancient yogic practices of Kriya and Kundalini Pranayama yoga and into Elemental Shamanism by an eminent Shaman in Utah. Robina began teaching the techniques she developed to help others and to guide them onto their own soul’s intended path. Her abilities quickly extended to accessing future timelines and working in the dream state. Guiding others would become her life’s mission. For the last 4+ years, Robina has dedicated her life to helping people discover and then unleash their true potential by tuning into their own inner guidance and finding their way to create a life of greater purpose, productivity, and love.

And Robina wants to show YOU how to do the same, regardless of your life circumstances or previous spiritual knowledge or background.

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