I’m honoured to guide, connect with, and forge relationships with so many beautiful souls. Here are some words of love.

Robina’s gift is her wisdom and ability to listen, connect with, and understand anyone she meets. Her empathic nature makes you feel at complete ease, and most importantly she instills complete trust.

Daniel Lamarre / CEO & President Cirque du Soleil, Recipient of The Order of Canada

Robina has a heart of gold – and expresses it in so many ways – from voice to written word – she instills warm comfort and expresses deep compassion.

W. Brett Wilson / Panelist on Gemini award winning show Dragons' Den, Philanthropist, Chairman of Prairie Merchant Corporation

I have been on my spiritual path for almost 2 decades and I needed a jump start to start clearing away those old cobwebs that have been blocks in my way. My jump start came in the form of Robina, I saw her on a Pamela Aarlyn’s YouTube video and I resonated with her approach. I quickly booked a coaching session and I wasn’t disappointed. After my session, Robina made me realise that simplicity is the key for me, and utilizing my whole life as my classroom, (the sublime and the ridiculous) to teach me to clear those cobwebs once and for all. Thanks for the jump Robina

Dawn / Florida

When I was going through some of the worst challenges of my life, Robina was a patient and gentle friend. Her teachings have helped me to learn to care for my spiritual self and nurture my own true being. I recommend her to anyone who wants to be in touch with and remain connected to their highest self.

Alex D / Newmarket, Ontario

Robina is a true light-worker that I feel I was guided to. She has helped me find the magic of doing meditation.She inspired me to look within myself for more self love rather to the outside world. Since my last session, I’ve been able to attract more positive energy in my daily life.

Toni / New York

Robina’s crystal-clear intuition brought light on my emotional issue (anxiety) making me comfortably accepting it and encouraging me to explore the subtleness of my feeling and thoughts in order to receive the answers my Higher Self is leading me towards.

Thank you Robina !

Alberto / Italy

Somehow the Universe put her in my life. Robina has a gift of teaching / guiding. The change in me was dramatic after meeting with her a few times. It felt effortless. Robina taught me how to help myself; how to let go; how to heal, how to ground myself, and how to tranfsorm by operating from the heart. That was the first session!

John / Michigan

First of all Robina radiates an inner beauty and authenticity that I felt and experienced right away. Her approach is subtle but right to the core. She worked with me in a very relaxed conversational context and was able to pick up on what was needed for me in that present moment. The recommendations she had for me were practical, concise and effective and easily incorporated into my life. It was a wonderful experience!

Scott / San Diego CA

Robina is a breath of fresh air. I have worked with a Shaman before and it was a dark experience, this is full of light. You can feel Robina holding the light space and working with you to lighten your consciousness into new realms. I am happy to have had this experience filled with light and love.

Connie / Arkansas